Payroll Management

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In addition to the core service, we offer you a multi-mode self-service suite comprising of a 12 language call centre, a web based client portal and a CRM based client interaction and engagement process. This suite puts information in the hands of line managers, employees and corporate staff and has high and measurable standards for responsiveness and first-time resolution.

Our proprietary system has a number of automated reminders and checklists to ensure that the workflow is timely and accurate. Further it allows for a complex set up of cost centers, SBU, line manager reporting, geographic zones, etc. to be factored in. Our client portal and MIS dashboards can also be configured for selective viewing ensuring confidentiality with access.

The BRIGHT HR SOLUTION platform currently handles the payroll of over 1,00,000 associates in over 1000 locations and is designed not just for scale, speed and accuracy but also for confidentially, accommodating client specific needs and complexity.

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